About Ed 🚀

At the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology, and finance, Ed Zambrano stands as a devoted founder, seasoned developer, and skilled financier. His background spans across accounting, finance, and computer engineering, providing a solid foundation for his multifaceted career.

For over a decade, Ed has contributed to startups and notable organizations, with a current position at Apple. His projects are fueled by a passion for learning about emerging technologies, with a strong focus on personal growth and education.


Current Projects 📛

My projects harness extensive datasets, modernize legacy systems, and employ LLMs and AI tools to craft MacOS, iOS, and VisionOS applications that boost team efficiency.

Local LLM Integration for iOS: Work in Progress

Zebra made out of data digits

This project integrates MobileBERT into an iOS chat app, enabling robust offline conversations akin to ChatGPT. I refine tokenization, prediction, and response generation in SwiftUI and manage multimedia components. Additionally, I develop a utility tool for converting LLM models to CoreML format, showcasing the practicality of offline AI.

Cross-Model Diffusion Distillation

ai video generation

Breakthrough solution for ultra-fast video creation. This model implements progressive adversarial diffusion distillation, setting a new benchmark in quick-step video generation. Moreover, we've developed a method to merge the probability flows from various foundational diffusion models into one distilled motion module, enhancing compatibility with a wide range of styles.

Framez - Lighting fast video framerate reductor

ai video generation

Framez is a Node.js-based web app enabling users to easily adjust video frame rates to 8 or 16 fps. It integrates direct video processing, AWS S3 uploads, and is deployed via AWS Elastic Beanstalk, all while maintaining a simple, intuitive interface that adheres to Apple's UX/UI standards.

iOS Custom Fine-tuned LLM Chatbot App


Developed an iOS app with fine-tuned LLM for chat functionalities, featuring humanlike output and optimized for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS with advanced NLP techniques and leveraging Apple's Metal frameworks.

macOS Generative AI Image Creation Tool

macOS Generative AI Image Creation Tool

Designed an application for creating images using AI, optimized for macOS with seamless integration of user and Hugging Face models, leveraging the full power of Apple Silicon.

Hardware Performance Monitor with Real-Time Data Visualization

Real time monitor

Implemented a Python-based tool for monitoring system performance in real-time, using psutil for data collection and Streamlit for web-based interactive visualizations.

Smart Clipboard - Cross-Browser Clipboard History Extension

Developed a clipboard history extension for Safari and Chrome, enhancing productivity with features for managing copied text history, built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Defeater AI Plugin

Defeater AI Plugin

Created an innovative plugin to outsmart AI detection systems, integrating with OpenAI Services using Python and Quart framework, demonstrated with a focus on API development and security.

Creator of the Digital Studio Modelista.org

The Beatles wearing AVP Hey! thats me pixar

Founded digital studio, Modelista.org, showcasing a portfolio of digital creations and tools developed for creative professionals and enthusiasts.